Monica Muehsam


I have always loved to write, beginning in fifth grade when I penned stories about creatures named after letters of the alphabet. In high school, I graduated to love stories (what else?) and once I started working at a law firm in downtown Los Angeles, I channelled my writing skills into legal memorandums and deposition summaries. My dedication to crafting a great story translates into solid results for my clients.

Over the years I have written about the legal field, parenting, fitness, local businesses and home cocktail mixing. My blog,, combines my passion for writing with my love of creating unique and tasty cocktails. I also authored a column in my local paper called Planet Parenthood, which chronicled the challenges and joys of raising a family and was a lot of fun.

I'm a mother of two great kids and a wife of a pretty wonderful guy; a pet lover with two dogs and three cats; an avid cyclist, a trivia fanatic and a huge movie fan. I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania in an area that is a bit distant from civilization for my liking, but I try to visit the city as often as possible, if only to remind myself that country living can be pretty awesome.